New Modern Craftsman Home Plans


When building a new modern craftsman home plans are one of the first things to decide whether you want to build a type house or if you want an architect to draw a completely unique house for you. A type house can be defined as a house built in the same design in more than one single copy. It is thus a mass-produced product with a predetermined design. The opposition to this is the unique, specially designed house, which is listed only once.

In practice, type houses can look in many different ways. At one end of the formal scale is the traditional one-storey modern craftsman home plans, which with smaller variations is built in tens of thousands across the country. At the other end are newer and more modern type houses, which are marketed with renowned architects that guarantee quality. Both types of houses and all of them in between are type houses.

Type houses are also referred to as ‘architectural houses’ or ‘individual houses’. Oftentimes, homeowners use the concepts as sales argument to signal quality and freedom of choice, but it does not make the houses specially designed. It is often cheaper to build a type modern craftsman home plans as the company building the house benefits from “reuse” standard solutions and typically has fixed agreements with craftsmen.

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