Luxury Concrete House Plans Modern


Concrete house plans modern – Every day more cement is being use in the design. In addition to the traditional structures, facades and the most amazing details that were not seen before. Such as entrance doors, decoration elements that separate environments and furniture. Whether polished or rustic, like concrete, or in the newest variety: the microcemento. Use in different styles and trends such as minimalist or industrial. This versatile material combines perfectly with a material as warm, traditional and noble as wood.

That is why this article is to show you this luxury concrete house plans modern. You will recognize it in a number of objects where you expect to see it. As others that you will not believe it, different options in the current decoration, both outdoors and indoors, an elegant complement of decoration. If you need some pots inside, very modern do not break your head thinking, cement is the solution, very elegant and in contrast to dark floors.

If what you want is that the pavement of your terrace lasts. Cement is ideal, you can even make them in your house. When it comes to concrete house plans modern, anything is possible, like these flowerpots for the garden. With economic and solid blocks. This fence perfectly defines the shelter of your patio, with wooden details for a novel design.


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