Ideas for Floating Shelf Plans


Floating shelf plans are quite simple, both in construction and assembly instructions. The materials required to mount them consist of a rectangular shelf and installation screws or brackets. When mounting your floating shelf, follow the basic steps and tips to ensure that it does not fall or permanently damage the wall. Instead, install the floating shelf one step at a time to ensure that you follow the correct procedures.

Prepare Wall

Before installing a floating shelf on the wall, you must prepare the wall. Determine which items need to go on a floating shelf, as a lighter floating shelf can be installed otherwise than a heavy floating shelf. Start by placing wall rails in the wall by placing a wall stud finder on the wall and pull it over until it beeps to indicate a wall rule. Make a mark with a pencil, so you’ll remember where they are. Place a level on the wall and erase them with pencil marks to ensure that the marks are evenly placed. If they do not, the shelf will hang unevenly.

Shelving brackets

Install shelves brackets on the wall if the floating shelf will hold heavier items, such as books or electronic appliances. Line shelves attach to the wall and mount it, using the marks made with wall control detector. Use 3-inch-long screws when connecting shelves to the wall to secure the screws when wall rails. When secured, place the floating shelf on top of the shelf bracket and attach the shelf to the brackets with small screws and a screwdriver. Make sure the screws do not pass through the floating shelf when attaching it to the consoles.


Use wooden sticks for floating shelves that will not carry much weight. Drill holes in the wall and put long wooden sticks in the wall. The wooden plug should protrude from the wall at least 1/2 inch to an inch. Drill 1/2 inch to one inch long hole in the side of the floating shelf so that wood wooden stick from the wall can be inserted into the shelf. To hang the shelf, push the shelf on the protruding wooden sticks until the shelf is secure. Place only light objects on the shelf, as wooden sticks cannot hold heavy objects. Floating shelves are shelves that when hung, appear to be “floating” on the wall due to the fact that you cannot see any external support systems. They create an elegant, modern look in every room and can be used and decorated in a wide variety of ways, from practical to pure aesthetic. Use floating shelves to store items, display artwork or even as a substitute for furniture.


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