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Classic modern house design – Nor Nordic, nor classic, nor vintage … If you’re a real modern, the decoration of your home deserves to be up to par. The dictionary mentions that everything ‚Äúconsidered opposed to the classic ” is ” modern “. Although that group is so large that in matters of interior design it would encompass an excessive and incoherent combination of styles.

If you try to close the circle a bit more, you can say that a modern-modern home would be one that responds to a global and totally different vision of life. And therefore, of the use or functions that our house has. A classic modern house design cannot be full of corridors or labyrinths that limit natural light, or hinder the interaction of its inhabitants.

So, a way to make our home look more modern would be to tear down unnecessary walls. And begin to enjoy more polyvalent spaces. Kitchens open to the living room, rooms with bathroom or dressing rooms communicated … The time of the small windows ended. The most avant-garde trends impose large windows, glass walls or sliding doors that open and close at your convenience. The classic modern house design goal is to design a more open, functional and bright house, regardless of its size.

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