Fastest and Easiest Way Wood Chair Plans and Paint


Wood chair plans – Surely more than once you have thought about giving a new life to an old chair. Or to customize a new chair according to your tastes. Painting it is the fastest and easiest way to print your personality on this object. And to fit perfectly with the environment of your home. If you follow these simple steps, in a short time you will have an exclusive and attractive chair. Painting a chair, like painting any other piece of furniture does not have to be complicated. If we look closely at its state before starting to apply the paint and especially if we fix any mess so that it is not seen once we have painted. Before painting we should check the condition of the chair. And if it is much damaged it is better to leave it ready, so that the painting is only the final touch.

Wooden chairs should always be sanded before you start painting them. Because in this way, we prepare them so that everything is uniform. And at the same time, because we can eliminate remains of the paint if it was already a color. Or we had painted before. Once we have chosen the type of painting of the chair. And we are also prepare with a brush and a brush to apply it. The moment will come when we can begin to paint. On surfaces that have already been previously painted, you should first pass a fine sandpaper and then a cloth to remove the dust. In order for the paint to last for a long time. First apply a sealer primer , which will adhere perfectly to the surface and facilitate the application of the finish paint.

Choose a quality polish for the two finishing coats. And thus ensure long durability. In the market you will find enamels with matte, satin and gloss finish . For the chair we recommend the satin finish, with a nice touch. And a very elegant mid-shine. Start painting the chair at the bottom . Turn the chair upside down by resting the seat on a table. In addition, it is a much more comfortable work position. Start painting the feet of the chair. And the rest of the visible part before turning the chair and then paint the rest of the seat on top. Leave the top slats to the end. Hoping it was useful for you, see you next time!


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