Fashionable Modern Contemporary House Plans


We will know the designs and architectural styles of the contemporary structures that will make the necessary changes in the facade and interior of the house. The houses very “loaded with ornaments” unnecessary and passed out of fashion, modern contemporary house plans are characterized by having a “clean” design of simple lines, we could even consider them as minimalist style, where less is more.

In interior design you can also use this concept, choose simple furniture and construction finishes with simple designs. The old houses are characterized by having small windows, the openings occupy only the space necessary to enter the light, now the modern contemporary house plans illuminate the interior with large windows or glass curtains, the use of glass blocks has extended a lot to be used not only in bathrooms but also in kitchens and rooms.

On the outside walls of the house you can apply for example the color gray or white but choose a wall to paint it in a strong color tone such as an orange or even a strong green, these colors should be applied to highlight only small areas of the facade. For interior design this standard is also applied, combining strong color furniture and the whole environment as floors and walls of neutral colors, the effect is of a modern contemporary house plans.

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