Cheap Modern Home Plans Summer


See more pictures from the cheap modern home plans A2372. Had it not been for the Pomeranian pines in the house-knot and the pristine Swedish summer dream that houses the house. It would just as well be one of the famous houses on the slopes at Hollywood. And, of course, it’s from California that Klas Holm took the inspiration for the family’s new house. I have always been interested in architecture and it was a dream to get a drawing and build a house sometime.

A Smaller Summer House

I have long been fascinated by Hillside Homes in California with its protruding. Houses with straight lines and large glass areas. We had a smaller summer cheap modern home plans in Stockholm’s archipelago and on the plot at the summerhouse. There was a mountain cliff that would suit such a house, explains Klas. With that style in mind, Klas drew a house to the mountain mouth in the archipelago.

We blasted quite a bit so the cheap modern home plans do not shoot out as much as many of them in California but the style comes from there. Klas worked a lot at this time and the family lived at Stureplan where Klas’s office was also closed. He wondered how he would realize his dream of a hillside home-inspired house in the archipelago. Read the full article California Modern Home Plans that Klas Holm.


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