Bungalow Modern House Plans Harmony


The bungalow modern house plans harmonious interplay between outer forms and the interior rooms has been safeguarded. With large slides in glass and angled bodies, we create sheltered places, outdoors and indoors. The new narrow standing wood panel gives a stylish and honest impression. It is reinforced by a minimalist knot board and delivers framing of windows where the window lining is replaced by a narrow frame in the window niches.

Dynamic Functions

The thoughts have been about dynamic functions rather than static spaces when new bungalow modern house plans floor plans have evolved. Today, we often do several different things in each room – the home, therefore, needs more of flexible flows. Solutions for combining open-plan solutions with clear spatiality have been created, for example by moving the staircase into the center of the house and working with angled bodies.

By using frequently underused surfaces, such as the hall for storage and workspace, the bungalow modern house plans become flexible. Another example is a bathroom with room in the room for Toilet, efficient and sustainable use of surfaces. “My idea was to work with a classic form combined with modern materials and markers. Stylish, minimalistic features and a floor plan that fits contemporary lifestyles, says Fredrik Gunnarsson.

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