Affordable Modern House Plans with Villa Lysekil


The work on updating our design affordable modern house plans palette has resulted in two new house models. But the shapes, floor plans and product details that we developed can also be used to create more modern expressions in all our houses. Villa is a sparse and minimalist angular house in two planes where both roof and windowing breathe asymmetry and playfulness. The house with saddle roof and a classic house shape in combination with modern materials, solutions, and attributes.

Roof and windows for space and light

Our two new affordable modern house plans have a peeled style, inspired by functionalism and minimalism. By working with asymmetric ceilings we create new architectural possibilities and can update the expression with more space and light. The same effect is that we developed solutions with a little larger window with more free, more playful locations.

We have thought of dynamic functions rather than static spaces when we developed new floor affordable modern house plans. Today, we often do several different things in each room. The home t, therefore, needs more of flexible flows. We have created solutions to combine open plan solutions with clear space, for example by moving the stairs into the house and working with angled bodies.Modern interior small homes,

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